Hilton Chiropractor

Dr. Barrie Lewis and Dr. Jane Ackerman

Welcome to the Hilton Chiropractic Clinic

First established in 1983, the practice boasts the villages oldest and youngest chiropractors.

Located in 56 Groenekloof Rd, adjacent to Laddsworth school, it’s easy to locate, and only fifteen minutes drive from Howick and Pietermaritzburg. Over and above the usual conditions that chiropractors treat – lower back and leg pain, headaches and neck pain – we specialise in the shoulder and hip.

The Hilton Chiropractic clinic is nearby Howick and Pietermaritzburg

Vertigo is one of the more nasty conditions treated, using the Epley manoeuvres. Dr Ackerman loves to treat infantile colic; she, herself, has small children. Foot and ankle pain, and a short leg, disturb the gait, and have a knock-on effect on the sacroiliac joints and the whole spine for that matter. 

Chiropractic treats conditions of the spine primarily, often with severe pain radiating into the limbs. Rehabilitation and exercises is an important part of our focus to prevent relapse.” 


            Dr. Barrie Lewis

The Chiropractor, Dr. Barrie Lewis has worked in Pietermaritzburg and Hilton for many years


         Dr. Jane Ackerman

Dr. Jane Lewis grew up in Hilton and now works at the Hilton Chiropractic clinic

Chiropractic was born out of naturopathic medicine; sparkling good health is also dependent on a sound diet and good weight control. We advocate a modified form of the Banting diet that includes legumes and low GI carbohydrates. Getting those extra kilos off may not be as difficult as you think, if you are prepared to ring in some changes.

A short, no-charge consultation, is available if you are unsure whether yours is a chiropractic condition or not.

Telephone: 033-343-2549

You are also welcome to leave a WhatsApp message on one of the following numbers:

Dr. Barrie Lewis: 063 447 9354
Dr. Jane Ackerman: 083 778 5996

Address: 56 Groenekloof Rd, Hilton
Kwazulu Natal

Dr. Barrie Lewis, DC Pr. No. 0400 637

Dr. Jane Ackerman, DC Pr. No. 039 2367

The new pricing for 2023 is R420 per consultation.

First Consultation for a new patient is R500.

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